Kinshasa: a ‘site of dreams’ for contemporary visual artists

"It is a site of dreams, where dreams encounter each other and become a single body. However, on the level of our own experience of that urban environment, once one plunges into the life of the city and participates in it, it inevitably diversifies and becomes multiple.” – Extract from an interview with Vincent Lombume Kalimasi... Continue Reading →

Reflections on the legacies of ‘Statues Also Die’ (Présence Africaine, 1953) re. the museums sector in France today

Earlier this year an article by Tom Devriendt was posted to the online discussion forum 'Africa is a Country' to commemorate the life and work of French filmmaker Alain Resnais (1922-2014), who passed away on 1st March  (Devriendt, 2014). The central focus of this piece was to celebrate the achievements of Resnais and his co-director Chris Marker... Continue Reading →

Exploring ‘othering’ through the work of Congolese pop artist Chéri Samba

The triptych, Quel Avenir Pour Notre Art? [What Future for Our Art?] (1997) by Congolese pop artist Chéri Samba (b. 1956) presents visual and textual representations of three significant stages in the artist’s life and career. Painted in acrylics in Samba’s characteristic comic strip style he combines self-portraiture, symbolic imagery and textual narratives to pose... Continue Reading →

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