Twenty Pound Spectacle: Brett Bailey (Exhibit B)

The following article written by art historian Yvette Greslé presents a very detailed, beautifully written and carefully considered critique of Brett Bailey's 'Exhibit B' project - which also (in turn) cites curator and academic Okwui Enwezor's well-informed words of wisdom: "Despite the sincerity of the artists who have brazenly maintained a relationship in their work with... Continue Reading →

From Mancoba and Sekoto to Mslaba and Sibande: Johannesburg’s Post-Apartheid Emergence as an Art World City

"The embarrassment that my presence caused - to the point of making me, in their eyes, some sort of 'Invisible Man' or merely the consort of a European woman artist - was understandable, as before me, there had never been, to my knowledge, any black man taking part in the visual arts 'avant-garde' of the... Continue Reading →

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