Conference on African diaspora and European cultural heritage, University of Tampere (Finland) 6-8 July 2017

The 6th ‘Afroeuropeans’ biennial network conference will take place at the University of Tampere, Finland, 6-8 July 2017. The general theme is African diaspora and European cultural heritage. Submissions are encouraged exploring the topics below as well as proposals on other topics related to African/Black European communities and cultures:

  • African diaspora and European cultural heritage
  • Policing blackness; African/Black European politics
  • Shifting political landscapes and European post-colonial discontents
  • Afroeuropean mediascapes; Diaspora communities online; Diasporic experience and digital media
  • Social justice and human rights in AfroEurope
  • Performing africanness/blackness in Europe
  • Writing and translating new African diaspora and black identities in Europe
  • Afroeuropean music cultures; Afroeuropean dance scenes
  • Blackness in visual arts in Europe
  • Children of the African diaspora in Europe; Afroeuropean youth cultures
  • AfroQueer Europe; Afroeuropean feminisms
  • Global racisms and AfroEurope
  • Refugees from Africa in Europe

Proposed sessions should be organized to be 90 minutes in length, and each speaker (3-4 per session) should be given 15-20 minutes for his/her presentation.

For further information about the call for papers and abstract submission (by the deadline: 24 February 2017), please visit the University of Tampere website at

Details about the previous conference, held at the University of Münster (Germany), feature in the blog post Memory and Museums at ‘AfroEuropeans V’.

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